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Mr. Berkshire

Priscilla Perez

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Description of book "Mr. Berkshire"

Sawyer Calloway has lived a life that most would define as sheltered. Her entire life has been scripted out before her by her father.
As a Southern Belle, she would never work a day in her life. She would attend galas, volunteer at nursing homes, and sip lemonade by the pool.
As a kid she went to school and joined events, but was not allowed many friends unless they were accepted by her father. And dating? That was out of the question.
A month after Sawyer's 21st birthday, she makes the biggest decision she has yet. Sawyer decides to leave Georgia and the life her father planned out behind her. She follows her heart to Seattle where she hopes to follow her dreams of working for a publishing company.
With one internship at the most well known publishing company in the world, Berkshire P

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Paxina Kangwa 23.06.2020, 21:20:55

wow this book is really interesting.. I really enjoy reading it.

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Priscilla Perez 23.06.2020, 22:11:53

Paxina Kangwa, Thank you so much! Still so much more to come

Michy Brown 20.06.2020, 20:56:56

Hi Priscilla, please please continue writing. I'm loving this book so much

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Michy Brown 22.06.2020, 17:01:49

Priscilla Perez, can't wait

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