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Book. "Mr Ceo’s Temptation " read online

Mr Ceo’s Temptation


Story about:ceo and pa, ceo romance

Age restriction: 18+

15 54

#1035 in Billionaires
#2975 in Romance

On Hold: 30 May 6 pages

Publication: 30.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mr Ceo’s Temptation "

Amber Red has it all.

A social life? Maybe she’s still struggling with that.
She has two overbearing parents who loves her with all they’ve got.
A nice and comfortable apartment in Brooklyn.
Two very 'not sane’ bestfriends, more like a pain in her ass but she can live with that.
A good paying job with a boss she gets along with.
Most of all, Amber has her ego.

Everything comes crashing down the day he shows up. Xander Harlow. (Okay, maybe not everything but still)

Eugene decides to retire thus making Xander the new CEO of the company. Xander who is Amber’s enemy.

Amber finds herself in a dangerous loop when all she can think about is Xander and his stupid gorgeous face.

Amber might have just crossed a line she never should’ve.


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