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Mr. Handsome and Miss Beast

Farzana Tutul

Story about:love hate, arrogant billionaire

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Ongoing: 19 Oct 10 pages

Publication: 16.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Mr. Handsome and Miss Beast"

'Me? Concern? I am not concerned at all. I just don't miss hairy beast to ruin her own life by marrying some psycho.' He casually said, shoving his hands into his pants pockets.
'You know what? You are just pathetic .' She muttered and started walking. He started following her.
'Miss, Mahira...or, Mahjabin or, Madhu or Meena, whatever ...I am telling you, don't marry that guy , you won't be able to live with him. Both of your personality doesn't match. In the end, he is going to leave you.' He muttered. She tried to ignore him but, he continued to follow her.
Then, suddenly he grabbed her hand, ' Listen, I am talking for your own well-being.'
'What kind of behavior is this ?' She spat. Her eyebrows knitted together in disgust.
'Leave my hand .' She ordered, still trying to free.......

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Xiomara Mejia Picado 23.10.2020, 10:56:04

En español

Bhawana Garg 16.10.2020, 20:22:21

it's nice but why don't you update your first book regularly

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Farzana Tutul 16.10.2020, 21:11:52

Bhawana Garg, Thank you for reading. Yes, I am definitely trying to complete my first books but, when an idea comes ,I just can't resist the temptation .But, I will try to update my first books asap ?.

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