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Book. "Mr. Mafia, on your knees" read online

Mr. Mafia, on your knees

Niharika Nafisa

Series: Temptation Series

Story about:onenightstand, romance action mystery, mafiaromance

Age restriction: 18+

1518 176341

#237 in Inspiration romance
#131 in ChickLit

Sample 583 pages

Publication: 26.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mr. Mafia, on your knees"

"Only I can make you feel so good, Amayra. No one can do it", I kissed her lips while inserting another finger inside her, she hissed aloud into my mouth. "Your hole needs me, baby vixen. Your beautiful body needs me", I said between the kisses.

"See how fast your body responds to me", I licked her jawline while fingering her. "My touch is what your body wants",

"Abraham..... Please.....", she moaned, trying her best to look at me.

"Please what? Are you asking me to stop or touch you?"

"Touch me", she breathed heavily. "Please touch me more"


The only thing Abraham Harris never wanted was to fall in love with Amayra. The last thing Amayra Mehta wanted was to destroy Abraham beyond repair. Will they ever succeed or destiny will play its role against their goal?


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Prakriti Sangroula
03.10.2022, 16:54:20

Comment has been deleted

16.06.2022, 14:21:34

You're books are interesting

amrin ansari
13.06.2022, 08:31:17

i am reading your other books on goodnovel author...... and girl im in love with characters already

07.04.2022, 16:30:30

plz enable audiophile

Niharika Nafisa
07.04.2022, 18:19:11

Tennah, Done. You can check it now. Thanks for showing interest ❤

Divya Goud
12.11.2021, 16:29:44

Hello! It's very interesting to read along but also bit confusing as why they are behaving like that since I read only few chapters of the story. All the best go on with your writing!

gratus sum
01.11.2021, 10:40:34

Don't many times I have read it....can't get love with Abraham, Amayra and Niharika Nafisa..♡♡

Florence Chomba
22.10.2021, 04:06:27

Wow, excellent book

13.10.2021, 21:43:59

wow the story was amazing. looking forward to read more of your stories

Neo Johnson
18.09.2021, 18:07:44

i love this story i found it on novel HD and then had to come here. IT IS SO GOOD, I AM ADDICTED.

Olukoya Josephine
18.09.2021, 10:46:23

Amayra should have told him and hear his own side of the story.

Olukoya Josephine
16.09.2021, 01:52:00

oh Amayra! I feel pain for her. what a brave girl, I am shedding tear right now for the pains she is passing through.

Olukoya Josephine
12.09.2021, 16:02:51

pls make the 10days complete in the next chapter the suspence is killing me

Olukoya Josephine
06.09.2021, 23:02:20

Eisha is the who plot the whole thing just to cause rift between Abraham and Amirya. just because she love Abraham

Eva Sankar
03.09.2021, 12:52:17

No she will no she loves him she can also get pregnant

Eva Sankar
03.09.2021, 04:47:13

I think that they are already falling in love

Eva Sankar
03.09.2021, 03:53:52

Loving the book

Eva Sankar
02.09.2021, 17:11:40

Cannot put down the phone every chance I get I want to read .enjoying imencelly

total enemy

what is your choice


what does he want


Faith Ugboaja Asemebo
21.08.2021, 00:45:37

Very captivating story

Nahid Sheikh
15.08.2021, 23:06:26

Finally read last chapter. This story is really close to my heart and will always be. There r so many reasons to love and to admire this story and obviously I can't write all of them here.I never understand arrogant, jerk nd obsessed hero type story, I always find them illogical, like u I too hate such kind of relationships and stories which objectifying woman. I love how u sketched Abraham's character, this is how the man should be with his woman. I think every girl wants a man like Abraham in her life who respects her, admire her, give importance to her POV as well, who consider woman his asset not property, who encourages her to complete her study and of course I love Amayra too. I love how she always protected Abraham. I love each and everything about this story. Kaha se humein milega Abraham jaisa pyaara sa life partner :p. Well I read Bad boy's last love nd I got lesson v shouldn't compare fictional life to real life ;).Thank u for writing characters like Sana, Sid, Abarahm and Amayra specially Abarahm and Sid who respects their women and of course Sana nd Amayra who r always ready to stand with their respective partner. Keep breaking stereotypes darling. Lots of Love :)

Ekta Singh
14.08.2021, 09:34:49

Please update

Niharika Nafisa
14.08.2021, 09:37:36

Ekta Singh, The book is already completed. Go on my profile and search the EXTENDED version of this book. Read from chapter 8. You'll get the additional chapters of then

Priya Singh
13.08.2021, 10:20:11

Comment has been deleted

Ridhima Talwar
11.08.2021, 20:19:50

Amazing gbu

Tasnia Tani
11.08.2021, 13:11:48

Amazing book.bht hi superb story thi.just one word for this book fantastic

Lynn Austria
11.08.2021, 12:09:33

Thank you very much for this wonderful book. I love it! Congratulations ???? take care, stay safe and God bless us ???

surbhi verma
11.08.2021, 11:36:29

feeling emotional

Icy Cute
11.08.2021, 06:46:06

All the best author. Thank u soo much

Dhanashri Kalita
11.08.2021, 05:15:09

oh god i m obsessed with Abraham and amayra i don't want this book to end oh god ...i can read this book 100th times ....loads of love to dear author .... i hope some day in my life I also met my Abraham ....he is my fav .i just wanna met him in real life ... waiting for the sequel s update... pls update soon author

Tahmina Tanie
11.08.2021, 03:20:29

i love this book from my bottom of heart and i mean it.Amyra, my Abraham baby n the unborn Pumpkin,i love all of them with my whole heart.U know how silly i m,i used to see Inannaya's baby's pic while i imagine them spending happy time as a family.Waiting for the extended version upate.Love u dear.

Ayinla Ganiyat
11.08.2021, 00:47:53


Nargis Sheikh Nargis Sheikh
10.08.2021, 23:15:56

awesome... love this book and also Abraham and amayra infact all characters .......

Priya Basak
10.08.2021, 22:08:11

This book is the best... Just fantastic

Dua the dreamer
10.08.2021, 21:55:20

I feel like crying after the reading this chapter....they are my most loved characters...I will always miss them...

10.08.2021, 21:54:30

I am gonna miss them sooooooooooooooooo damn much. They are one of my most favourite couples. I have no words to describe how glad I am that they are finally together and happy. I seriously love them. And also I love Amyra more bcuz of her dislike towards, studies lmao. I don't like studying too, but gotta do it anyways. This is one of the best stories I've read so far. And you are obviously one of my favourite authors. Will always love Ab - Am.

Ayushi jain
10.08.2021, 21:51:36

osmmm book

10.08.2021, 21:12:47

well done author , very satisfying nd awsm outlook, u shud b proud of urself.... thanks for writing such lovely piece

kauser sultana
10.08.2021, 21:03:15

Thanks for the story and beautiful ending

Saloni Seth
10.08.2021, 20:48:15

One of the best story of yours after Wani... Wani will always be on top

10.08.2021, 20:44:56

I love you so much author...
thankyou for a very very beautiful story...

10.08.2021, 20:31:33

I have never ever read such an amazing mafia story. I don't have words to describe how incredibly awesome this book is. You are a brilliant writer and I can see a very bright future of yours ahead. You are unbeatable and I don't know how to explain my live for this book. All the characters are so close to me. I wish they were not fictitious . You have set the bar so high . I am just waiting to read more stories by you. And I wanna see all your books on top list. I wish I could give you more than one star on your books. You have made me addicted to your books and characters. Thank you so much for writing such amazing books . I wish you all the best for your future. Once again thank you very much.

Darsha riti
10.08.2021, 20:26:18

The best roller coaster journey I have ever had...this was the best...I loved all the characters at their good and bad... They are realistic not like all the dramas... I'm in just love with them...No word can describe the feeling...And now that it's ending, I'm feeling like one of my parts is going away from me..

Josie joe
10.08.2021, 20:18:59

Thank you for beautiful sweet endings.. I am looking forward for the sequel book.

sumathi Mohan
10.08.2021, 20:11:38

The best best twisted but a beautiful journey...i loved it..

End nope would love to read more.

Thanks again soooo much.

Avni Mahajan
10.08.2021, 20:10:30

best book....just loved it

Naru Mukhia
10.08.2021, 20:03:22

woww it was my best journey with this book...everytime I used to looked into it's update....awesome story..great work and thank you sooo much for not putting it in subscription while u author great work

Tanya Jaiswal
10.08.2021, 20:02:23

Comment has been deleted

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