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Book. "Ms. Gold Digger " read online

Ms. Gold Digger

Sabrina R

Story about:family drama, loveandhate, lovetriangle

36 483

#433 in Romantic suspense
#1003 in Billionaires

On Hold: 03 Jul 21 pages

Publication: 07.06.2022 — ...

Description of book "Ms. Gold Digger "

Despite being the 'place' Alexsej vent out his anger as she was the daughter of his dad and his mistress, Amelia still believe that he will love her one day. Not until, he killed Amelia. Nailea's appearance, the money-eyed girl who accidentally succeeded in capturing the heart of Alexsej. Having the need to be with her, he proposed to her to be his girlfriend in exchange for money and she agreed! Oh no! What's happening next?

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jyoti dalal
14.06.2022, 23:18:09

Such a disgusting man,he sold her to Vincent and others. Didn't like it at all

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