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Description of book "Murcielagous Island"

Luna is a happy-go-lucky, pure Filipino, young lady who grew up in America. Her hobby is to take wonderful pictures of nature. She loves photography in any ways. One day, she decided to have a vacation in the Philippines. It’s a dream come true since her father usually didn’t allow her to even visit the country. She travels everywhere in the country with her cousin – Justin, together with his girlfriend. They were so much happy with the tour. Until Luna got curious about the island the people kept talking about. Her cousin was aware of the story about this island so he didn’t allow Luna to go in there. However, Luna’s curiosity was stronger than her fear. One day, she has gone to that island alone.
What will happen to Luna? Will she be about to come back?

(Plot: Philippines)

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G A Rosell
02.04.2021, 19:25:02

Hello, I love your story. I have added you to my list of authors to follow, can you do the same for me? So we can build a community of writers and we can follow each other in our literary career.
I hope to read more of your story.

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