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Ongoing: 27 Jun 233 pages

Publication: 01.10.2021 — ...

Description of book "Murder At The Wedding"

Rishab Das, a businessman, has been murdered in the wee hours of his marriage day. At the time of the murder, he stayed with his parents in one of the rooms in a temple, where the marriage was supposed to take place.
Rishab’s business partner, Umang Rathod had a row with Rishab and his parents on the previous day over the loan that Rishab had delayed paying back. Rishab’s business partner, Lokesh Naik, has held a grudge against him for not returning his share of investment after they parted ways.
Rishab’s parents and his elder brother are not happy with the marriage as Rishab has been marrying an out-of-the-caste girl, Vanita Sinha. Vanita’s brother and her parents are also angry over her decision to wed Rishab as he belongs to a different caste.

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11.01.2022, 18:32:02

amazing book

Vijay Kerji
17.01.2022, 11:11:40

Zrhnce, Thank you! I hope you will enjoy reading the rest of my stories!

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