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Music In My Heart: Matching Melody

Keizaki Ryuzune

Story about:romance, humor, music

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Ongoing: 15 Apr 20 pages

Publication: 06.04.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Music In My Heart: Matching Melody"

Melody Carter aspires to be a theater actress. Armed with her golden voice, sultry attitude, and a smart brain, she came prepared on her first day in college. Theater arts major is a big deal, and she is ready to take on whatever challenge it is to succeed.
In came Evan Hamilton, the A-lister senior who is the theater's baritone pride. Evan is eccentric, cold, and distant. He makes it a point to make Melody's life a living hell.
A brewing competition is on the go at the theater, with personalities clashing here and there.
Can Melody match the perfect facade of Evan? Or will she find herself falling for his imperfections?

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Beautiful princess 15.04.2021, 04:57:52

Nice!! Cant wait for the nextttt!!

Beautiful princess 11.04.2021, 17:00:36

Update please :)

Beautiful princess 08.04.2021, 11:21:44

Heyyy author .. l love ur storyy very much .. its AMAZING !!! Keep updating author cant waittt!!!

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Keizaki Ryuzune 08.04.2021, 15:14:59

Beautiful princess, thank you. will try to update everyday.

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