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Book. "Mute Mates" read online

Mute Mates

Eli Blake

Series: The Moon Wolf

Story about:alpha x luna, abuse rape and incest, mute girl

Age restriction: 18+

51 474

#40 in Paranormal Romance
#31 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 08 Sep 40 pages

Publication: 30.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mute Mates"

*Warning, this book contains topics like abuse, rape and self harm. Please read only if you are okay with it.*

Dylan Hayden has always struggled to stand up to his father's expectations and be the next alpha of Crystal Lake Pack despite what he faced and went through but all of his strength shatters when he finds his mate to be mute. The ceremony of becoming the next alpha turned into an even harder situation as he sees something in his beautiful mate that no one expected him to - himself.

Rose looks up at his mate as he asks the same question for the fourth time. "Why won't you speak to me? I can promise no one can hear us here. If you want, we can go somewhere even more secluded?", the hazelnut-brown haired young alpha offers the redhead who just lowers her head, clutching her dress.


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Bulbul Rajput
29.08.2022, 06:04:13

I think Dylan loves Rose and wants to be with her as mate bond is strong but he is in dilemma because he wants to prove himself to his dad, that's why he is not accepting rose whole heartily.

Eli Blake
29.08.2022, 07:51:43

Bulbul Rajput, Oooo! So close to the truth! Stay tuned to find out ^-^ You're almost there.

Bulbul Rajput
27.08.2022, 09:29:31

I think it's alpha and elder's fault. But rose has nothing to do with it yet sometimes children's has to pay for their parent's mistakes.

Eli Blake
27.08.2022, 17:38:56

Bulbul Rajput, Thank you so much taking out time to give your review. As an author, one is always curious if they were able to convey message and emotions to the readers or not. ^-^

Rashi Sahlot
26.08.2022, 15:11:42


Rashi Sahlot
26.08.2022, 13:38:49

u choose same names!

Eli Blake
26.08.2022, 14:38:17

Rashi Sahlot, If you are talking about Sarah then yeah, it's the same Sarah. That was her parents. All the werewolf books belong to same world and series so you might see references from one another. ^-^ But it's Dylan, not Daniel. Daniel and Luke were having their other own book, My Mate's Second Chance.

Madukaife Chidiogo
23.08.2022, 21:18:24

already in love with it please update soon and thanks for publishing another book all the best

Eli Blake
23.08.2022, 23:05:27

Madukaife Chidiogo, Thank you so much! Your love and support made my day ^-^

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