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My Blue Moon Wolf

Onome Gift

Series: Blood Wolf

Story about:werewolf, hunters, human girl

288 25042

#525 in Paranormal Romance
#654 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 124 pages

Publication: 07.02.2021 — 02.05.2021

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Description of book "My Blue Moon Wolf"

Please guys this is my first book, hope you like it. Please cooment on it.Thanks

Daisy Joshua a human girl who wants to be a writer had an experience with a pack of wolves who almost attacked her and her friends, but she was saved by another wolf who have a blue moon eyes. Three years later, she saw an half cast guy who came to her school for a program with the same eyes, she can't help but think it might not be a coincidence.

Victor Kings, a werewolf rouge who just came to Nigeria, his mother home country where wolves are non-existence talking less of a werewolf. she saved a girl from a pack of wolves and she turned out to be his mate. now three years later, he has to find a way to reveal his identity to her without scaring her off.


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07.04.2022, 23:49:13

nice story i like it keep it up

Victoria Chioma
19.09.2021, 17:23:16

Wow Onome the novel is a 'Wow', I really love it and this is my first time reading a Nigerian novel online. It's really amazing, you inspire me like seriously. I'm waiting for the next book pls be fast. And you did a great job, Thumbs up for you ?

Onome Gift
31.03.2022, 08:25:40

Victoria Chioma, Thanks Victoria, I do hope you check out my other books as well.


Onome Gift
14.08.2021, 17:03:25

Thanks Alex, please do remember to follow up and read my other books

Alexander Daniels
14.08.2021, 08:34:58

You’re indeed James Adly Chase romance conceptual writing which makes reader overwhelmingly emerged in the story. Your conceptual analysis are awesome, keep up the good job!

Onome Gift
28.05.2021, 22:27:52

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on my book. You are all really inspiring. Love ya'll

HaRshini Teli
27.05.2021, 12:33:23

Really...I'm eagerly waiting to see my Alpha king update version.l love it like hell. Every character is best in their roles .I loved this wolves or vampires stories to watch or to read. Your writing skills are marvelous which inspired me to write some quotes and a small stories. I'm glad to know about this book.As Daisy said I really liked that blue eyes.If your story hit the people with a movie form,I'm damn sure you will be in heights. I'm really excited when story ends with the fight.Im wondered because how beautifully girls turned their characters to cheer others as well as themselves.At the end everyone are doing their best. Also Daisy is not with a lower hand. She started killing the wolves with her trained skills.Overall it's an amazing story.This is my first book to read.Thankyou for making me to inspire to read many.Best of luck for your future writings and plans.

Onome Gift
28.05.2021, 22:26:30

HaRshini Teli, Thanks so much HaRshini Teli. I really appreciate your comment. I'll start the upload soon. Please follow to get updated

Prncss Sophie
22.04.2021, 19:07:30

Ohh cant wait to read part 2:))

Mercy imakumbili
18.04.2021, 02:06:56

does this book only have chapter one?

Prncss Sophie
02.04.2021, 14:15:03

Cant wait for next update!!!!!
Plz update author its been days....

Re Joice
26.03.2021, 23:35:29

Next update
Can't wait

Re Joice
26.03.2021, 23:34:50

Comment has been deleted

Faleimu Peter
15.03.2021, 21:37:17

Nice one keep it up love it

Onome Gift
17.03.2021, 17:43:04

Faleimu Peter, Thank you

Mia Khan
17.03.2021, 16:12:58

I must say this warewolf story is a bit odd yet interesting,most warewolf story more of the mighty sexy hunk alpha pack meet their luna that can be rouge or the human side of the guy rejected the idea but here is nice change for one,let see how u unfold the storyline..,well done.

Onome Gift
17.03.2021, 17:42:42

Mia Khan, Thanks for reading

Gift Adeola
16.03.2021, 03:36:39

Keep it up girl

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