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#173 in Romantic fantasy
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Ongoing: 13 Apr 21 pages

Publication: 13.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "My Fake Boyfriend Is A What?"

Her best friend and her boyfriend- wow.
Nina and Zulu, her other friends encouraged Lu to fake having a boyfriend after she found out about the worst type of betrayal that could happen in high school and who better than Dylan, the most sought-after guy in school?
The third-generation heir is everything a girl would want- wealth, charm, good looks.
“Name’s Delun k, NOT Dylan.”
Only he's not what she thought he was. He's a- a- werewolf?
Delun and his pack family, welcomes her into ‘their’ world and it’s anything but what she expected. He’s a werewolf…alpha to be? Turns out meeting her is a bad omen the pack advisor said and their warmth soon turned cold- “You need to find your Luna,” Lexus, the second in command beta- now that Delun’s father and alpha is dead, said.
And it's not her.


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