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My Fake Wife's Dreams Come True.


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On Hold: 26 May 12 pages

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Description of book "My Fake Wife's Dreams Come True."

I was young stylish and my sweet dreams were coming true. I had everything I would have wanted until I lost my heart to him.

My hot hands grabbed someone's cold ones in the darkness. And I shivered at the contact.

"Who are you?" He shuffled on his feet, making sure to graze my breast on his bare chest. I can feel him breathing heavily on my neck.

"A Stranger."

I laugh at his husky voice.

"No. You are my dream. My glorious wet dream."

I was positive about three things. First, My sweet dreams come true. Second, there was a part of him I can not seem to do anything about... His dominant beast part, his need to make me submit to him. Third, I am unconditionally in love with him.

Abhinav Shukla is content with his quiet life, Living with a team of servants on the outskirts Mumbai

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