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My Family Sucks!

Jessi Fever

Story about:family, fosters, adoption

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Description of book "My Family Sucks!"

This book is about a girl named Valentina she has a younger sister (Harley) and brother (Dallas) which are twins. All her life she has been put into foster care. She doesn't leave her family ever it is a 3 package deal. They always got to poor places nowhere where they actually feel at home until one day a lovely couple try to foster them. They have decent jobs and a nice house. They can't have a family because the woman has a family gene which prevents her from having enough eggs. Valentina really wants someone who will love her and her siblings. She gets caught up on things her dad did when her mum abandoned them and decides to act bad around everything that is done in the house. Find out more if you read.

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Peter Andrews 24.03.2019, 17:22:47

hope you´ll update soon

Lucile Savino 22.03.2019, 11:35:30

let´s see

Kessily Brunet 21.03.2019, 13:00:31

this must be very hard

A. Neeson 20.03.2019, 13:16:18

is it based on your personal experience?

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Jessi Fever 21.03.2019, 11:42:11

A. Neeson, It is based on a story I Heard

Cira Shalash 19.03.2019, 13:35:22

the title is scary

The last comment in the thread:

Jessi Fever 19.03.2019, 13:48:11

Cira Shalash, Thanks

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