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My last wish is “you”


Story about:friendship, family, heart transplant

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Description of book "My last wish is “you”"

It's a story of a girl with a heart Disease who will soon gonna die if she doesn’t have a heart transplant!!
She have fulfil all wish of her except one, and It's to fall in love!!
Will she find her Love??
Will she have a happy ending??

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Gopika Vasudevan 07.04.2021, 15:42:09

When will there be an updation dear ???

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Gopika Vasudevan 08.04.2021, 03:11:06

Aparajita, Okayyyyy!!!!

Gopika Vasudevan 04.04.2021, 10:38:16

Here comes the new version of talent....
Thanks for sharing your talent with us....

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Aparajita 04.04.2021, 12:07:06

Gopika Vasudevan, thank you for the compliment..
it made my day!!

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