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My Lawyer


Story about:secret, billionaire, romance comedy

Age restriction: 18+

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#1218 in Billionaires
#529 in Romantic suspense

On Hold: 26 Sep 17 pages

Publication: 15.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "My Lawyer "

Sophia admirer turns out to be a famous billionaire Zack, whose got a female bestie Angelina and Simon, his male best friend. Sophia so full of troubles and causes some for herself; goes homeless and to her rescue came Zack. The fact is, Zack always shows up at the right time, could this be destiny or he's stalking on her?

Zack and Sophia are like cat and mouse, they can't stand each. Eventually, they fell in love but kept pretending.

Who's gonna fall first and what's the story like? Why is Sophia's life a mess and how did she get to meet the young billionaire Zack?

Find out in the novel, MY LAWYER!


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