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My Love, The Monster Boy

Junie Han

Story about:paranormal, fantasy, fantasy romance

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Ongoing: 21 Nov 201 pages

Publication: 10.11.2020 — ...

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Description of book "My Love, The Monster Boy"

A scorned eccentric magician pledges a war against his kingdom, after not receiving the nobility he believes he deserves and after stealing a dark magic book to create a spell that could help him take it over, flees his homeland. Not knowing his time on earth would cross him into paths with two budding magician in-training twin brothers and a young girl's half-dead soul, who may show him the light of life again.

Follow this dual POV where love is about to bloom in the new magic shop this foursome resides but will Venn and half dead Junie be able to hold onto that new hope when greed comes to try and break them apart.

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