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Publication: 25.09.2020 — 23.10.2020

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She's just a teenager who wants to have a normal life but it looks like she herself is not normal. She thought life would be 'okay' even though she had powers but living at where she is, she knew she did not fit in with the world she is in.
Her life is at its worst not until a guy comes into her life and this guy is not like the others; he's coldhearted.
Will she ever find the 'normal' life she is looking for when she meets this guy or will he make her life the worst? Will she ever find a place where she really belong?

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Manjot Kaur 27.10.2020, 10:54:48

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Manjot Kaur 22.10.2020, 10:59:43

heyyyy i love your book...pleaseee say that their relation is not over yet....jethro is not dead........

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Elyaniru 23.10.2020, 08:58:40

Manjot Kaur, Thank you for this. I'm really glad you like the book ^^

Manjot Kaur 23.10.2020, 07:11:35

hey is the book complete????

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Elyaniru 23.10.2020, 08:53:39

Manjot Kaur, Thank you for the comments. I really appreciated it and it means a lot *o* Regarding your question, you can read the author's note by the end of this book. I hope you enjoyed reading this book hehe ^_^"

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