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My Nightmare


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All my life I never feared anyone, not even my own parents.
But the only person I every fear was and is 'My Nightmare'

My body went limp, I knew this wasn't the end of the nightmare but the beginning of my nightmare.

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Olivia Gordon Reid 07.12.2020, 00:32:43

Hey, friend! Just read the prologue. I loved the quote you used, it went really well with the story. There are grammar/spelling mistakes here and there, so if you want something to help you with that, I suggest using Grammarly or another program. I think it would help readers understand a little better. I like, however, how you described how the nightmare has an impact on the main character, but I felt like it was a bit vague. Unless you planned it to be like that, I was a bit confused about what the nightmare was and why it scared them so much. Other than that, color me intrigued, and I'm excited about your next update.

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