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Description of book "My Pervert Boss"

All Gracie want is to work in a small office with enough salary to pay her bills but after an interview with Robin Leman the owner of TECH, that dream was aborted as she became his new secretary she feels her new boss was a bit strange and she couldn't be more wrong because this new boss has a plan of making her his own

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Tricia Osei 25.01.2021, 23:16:14

Good luck with school

Nahid Sheikh 23.01.2021, 02:53:48

Robin seems to be a lonely person, trying to find solace in Gracie...but Gracie is also right at her place as she doesn't know Robin personally nd he is her boss how she can be friendly with him easily..her hesitation or uneasiness with Robin is also justifiable... amazing writer u hv written characters nd their emotions perfectly... after reading last chapter where Robin helped Gracie during her periods cramp nd today's chapter, he seems to be a nice person,this pervert tag doesn't suit him now :p...keep up the good work writer nd I won't say to update soon as u r busy with ur school nd school always should be first priority... even though am eager to read what vl happen next but update when u vl get time to write but don't sacrifice ur school... LoL am sounding like a mom but what can I do education is always my first priority :)

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Tosjah 23.01.2021, 03:04:42

Nahid Sheikh, Thanks so much

susha hareesh 22.01.2021, 05:54:52

Dear author can't wait for next chapter...pls update soon.....don't take too long for update....plzzzz... it's a request....

Naaz Patel 21.01.2021, 09:44:58

please update

susha hareesh 21.01.2021, 00:07:51

plz update dear....eagerly waiting....

Tosjah 20.01.2021, 05:38:35

Am really sorry everyone I've been busy with school I promise to update soon please bear with me

GiveHimPraise 19.01.2021, 23:53:33


Tricia Osei 18.01.2021, 01:13:13

Waiting for an update on my pervert boss pls pls we need more chapters

susha hareesh 15.01.2021, 04:55:39

pls update....

Kavita Yenurkar 13.01.2021, 13:14:15

waiting for updates dear but I request you to atleast use full stop if not making paragraph please please please dear (●´⌓`●)

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 14.01.2021, 20:02:36

Kavita Yenurkar, Will make corrections

sumathi Mohan 14.01.2021, 19:30:32

Ha ha he is indeed cute

Crazyle Jean Dominguez 14.01.2021, 12:53:17

Kinda like this one looks light story. Hope not much villain. And wish to update more

Hajia Baseerat Abdulrasheed 14.01.2021, 08:18:38


susha hareesh 14.01.2021, 07:29:15

really very interesting story eagerly waiting for next update....pls dont take too long time plz update soon...

Nahid Sheikh 13.01.2021, 00:16:28

interesting story dear writer...plz update soon:)

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 13.01.2021, 03:55:31

Nahid Sheikh, Thanks

Kavita Yenurkar 12.01.2021, 17:44:49

waiting for updates dear

susha hareesh 12.01.2021, 05:46:42

nice chapter....eagerly waiting 4 next chapter pls update soon. ..

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 12.01.2021, 14:22:42

susha hareesh, Thanks

Rajkrishika Rajkrishika 12.01.2021, 09:51:25

nice story

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 12.01.2021, 14:21:57

Rajkrishika Rajkrishika, Thank you

Doubra Gbelele 11.01.2021, 12:04:45

Nice one pls I want to read d full story is interesting

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 12.01.2021, 04:35:23

Doubra Gbelele, Thanks

Marites Sayaman Ponio 11.01.2021, 04:29:41

More updates please. Thanks. Keep safe.

Mabem 11.01.2021, 02:23:58


Caroline Arthur 09.01.2021, 21:53:28

Nice story
More update

susha hareesh 09.01.2021, 13:18:25

nice story...update soon...

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Tosjah 09.01.2021, 20:03:33

susha hareesh, Thanks... will do

Kehinde Jayeoba 08.01.2021, 14:07:47

Good start

The last comment in the thread:

Tosjah 09.01.2021, 20:00:08

Kehinde Jayeoba, Thank you

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