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Book. "My Prince " read online
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#78 in Romantic fantasy
#12 in Epic fantasy

Ongoing: 28 Nov 34 pages

Publication: 02.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "My Prince "

Kylie Allen :
A beautiful 17 year old high school student.
She having crush over school's most hottest guy, who even does not knows she exists.
Her parents are having divorce and her older brother Jason is a playboy, the second most hot boy in the school,

Duke Somerzex John Howard :
A 16 century Duke who had been trapped inside Mirror long time ago.
He is cold to everyone but he gets melt when it comes to Kylie.

They were meant to be together?
But how?
Will Destiny fall them apart or they will be together
Happy ever after or the mending hearts?

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Mehak Khan
20.11.2022, 20:08:27

Just start reading you are amazing, and will complete soon

Sanjana D
20.11.2022, 21:08:26

Comment has been deleted

Sanjana D
20.11.2022, 21:08:26

Comment has been deleted

Sanjana D
20.11.2022, 21:08:26

The story is amazing dear. Keep it up:⁠-⁠)

Jennifer Zeigler
28.10.2022, 07:07:25

I just finished reading the whole story, and I would say that it is an amazing story and well written. I enjoyed reading each chapter. Thank you author for writing this beautiful story, and for sharing it to your readers

Jennifer Zeigler
28.10.2022, 01:37:26

I just started reading this story, and I really like it. I will post my comment again after finishing reading the whole story

Michelle Zeah
28.10.2022, 05:10:43

Jennifer Zeigler, Okay dear waiting for ya response

07.10.2022, 12:18:51

Hello, Somvanshiya here!
Your Synopsis is Quite promising... Will review your work and let you know my thoughts... Gracias (θ‿θ)

Michelle Zeah
07.10.2022, 16:42:13

Somvanshiya, Awww thanks my little fairy

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