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My sole Hope is you

Eizel Arra

Story about:romance, fantasy, r18

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#1172 in Contemporary Romance
#978 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 15 Feb 68 pages

Publication: 09.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "My sole Hope is you"

How would it be like , if you find out that your dead beloved one is still alive ?
"who the hell is she?" ---"Elisabeth rosalia dilenhart. My newly found sister "
How would it feel like , if the memories you've made with them, and have cherished dearly like a tresor in your heart ,is no where to be found in their mind ?
" I'm sorry sir, i think you've got the wrong person "
How would it feel like, if their heart belongs to someone else ?
" look at him once again and i swear , i'll put him six feet under the ground " .
How should one act , when the finally found hope is slipping from between one's hands ?
" In all this life, my sole hope is you."


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27.08.2021, 18:59:01

here is the link bellow

27.08.2021, 18:54:03

Hello everyone, this is eizel arra , this book's author, there was a problem with the account on this website and i couldn't recuperate the account . I 'll be openning another account and publish this novel on it but i don't know if i can publish the same novel twice . if someone knows any information let me know. for the time being you may visit the story in wattpad and please cheer me up and support me . thanks