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Book. "My Son's Daddy Is A Seductive Alpha" read online

My Son's Daddy Is A Seductive Alpha

Raven Heart

Story about:steamy romance, alpha x luna, bound by the moon

Age restriction: 18+

284 11282

#31 in Supernaturals
#84 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 210 pages

Publication: 31.05.2022 — 01.07.2022
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "My Son's Daddy Is A Seductive Alpha"

Given Rodrigo is a single mother and deceived by her family. She found herself tied in a warm embrace of an alpha. Mysteries from her cursed past will lead her to a broken alley. Is she ready to fall in love with her son’s daddy? Will lies can be into turn a sweet demeanor?
Raphael Maiven is dominant but gentle. Betrayal will stop him from believing in love. Is he ready to taste a new temptation knocking at his doorstep? Can love heals him or lead him to a reflection of darkness lies behind the moonlight?


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Maheshwari koilakonda
13.01.2023, 09:25:02


Mackenzie Johnson
18.11.2022, 03:33:41

I love this book and how it ended

Raven Heart
21.11.2022, 05:37:33

Mackenzie Johnson, Thank you! I'm happy to hear your feedback! :)

Hana Liaqat
03.07.2022, 13:34:04

Nice story was worth reading

Raven Heart
03.07.2022, 14:32:05

Hana Liaqat, Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. :)

30.06.2022, 19:24:51

Thanks,Ms. Author for this wonderful story. It shows here that not all werewolf stiry should be about dominance, posession, and slavery. I love how his son makes the alpha cute and gentle. I also like Given on how she stood for the baby. I just see this and have more chapters to read but i know its worth the try. Check this out either, guys!

Raven Heart
01.07.2022, 03:28:46

MILDRED PASCUA, Thank you! I hope I can be able to live u with your expectation. Please leave a comment again after you read the whole book. Thanks!

Mylene sylverio
06.06.2022, 06:17:07

I'm quiet fascinated with the story, Ms. Author. I wonder who's the owner of that earring. Hmm... Oh well, I'm looking forward for more chapter! Goodluck Ms. Author! :)

Raven Heart
08.06.2022, 11:46:39

Mylene sylverio, Oh that?! Fufu, its a secret you'll not expect? Hahaha, peace! ^_

Raven Heart
10.06.2022, 02:17:46

What chapter? You can tell me. ^_^

Gena Elgie
10.06.2022, 02:06:55

this a repeat chapter:(

Gena Elgie
05.06.2022, 02:52:05

i am kinda of confused. with the he and she's.

Raven Heart
05.06.2022, 07:42:53

Gena Elgie, No problem! Enjoy reading. :)

05.06.2022, 03:53:10

That's why stepmom was scary. But of course, let's not stereotype them. It's still in the character. :)

Brenda Rivera
04.06.2022, 12:31:01

I like it. Raphael is kind of sweet from the start. Also I really believe that parental instinct is something. Keep it up, author! :)

Raven Heart
05.06.2022, 01:44:12

Brenda Rivera, Thank you! That means a lot to me. And yes. Please continue to read and you'll know more of the sweet side of Raphael towards his son and to Given. Stay safe! :)

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