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Jane, a little fatty and average looking girl, was an addict of romantic dramas. She was in relation with Simon for 3 years, but they both feeling distant towards each other. One day, she saw a popular Chinese drama. She loved both leading actors and was unable to move on from that story and it's main actor, Xue Rong. She liked his acting, his smile, his personality.
She started to follow his every news, activity. Her obsession towards him brought many changes in her life. It was not easy for her, but she continued to follow him for 5 years and then, she brought a ticket for China and went to meet her male god.
What will happen when she will meet the very person she was obsessed over 5 years?
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30.06.2021, 08:32:37

So, either I've been watching too many K-drama or something but I can envision the cast/setting of a show called Record of Youth. It's not Chinese, as the actors listed in your book are. It's very similar, but obviously not the same because it's not the same story. I like the story overall, it draws me in and makes me want to keep reading.

Preeti Shyamal
03.05.2021, 16:50:50

According to your terms , I liked and followed you. patiently waiting for your response too.

Martha Martin
03.05.2021, 16:52:11

Preeti Shyamal, You don't have to wait dear, I already followed & liked your book.
Happy to reach you..

Casey Denver
26.04.2021, 15:25:11

I find we do need a bit of an obsession to get us out of our comfort zones

Martha Martin
26.04.2021, 15:44:23

casey denver, Haha...its true..!!

21.04.2021, 09:33:59

Yup you're right❤️❤️

Martha Martin
21.04.2021, 13:39:27

Leahgisselle, Yes..!! In our life, their presence is too precious. Good day dear!!

10.04.2021, 22:00:20

I would have totally fainted tho. Like my heart is just going to stop for a sec if I happen to meet my idol in person ???

Martha Martin
11.04.2021, 01:40:38

Leahgisselle, Yes...haha

05.04.2021, 14:34:51

Very interesting start. Already in my library

06.04.2021, 19:38:22

Martha Martin, Cool❤️❤️

O.J Ebubeoha
05.04.2021, 11:18:31

Hello dearest. This is a good story you have going her. Already added it to my library and read your first chapter.

Kindly look into your sentences to avoid repetition and missing words that make the sentence look broken.

Good one you have here and I am looking forward to how it all plays out

O.J Ebubeoha
05.04.2021, 13:33:06

Martha Martin, You welcome dear.

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