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My Unexpected Romance

Leigh Frankie

Story about:firstlove, teacherxstudent, best friends to lovers

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Description of book "My Unexpected Romance"

Every person in the world is somehow worth the pain and the heartbreaks in case things don't work out, right? That's why people still get into relationships. No matter what.

Never been kissed and never ever been romantically involved with a guy ever since The Big Bang, I was already pretty much convinced that I was one of those mega rare exceptions. The one who's just not worth the risk.

But you know what, life has a funny way of telling you, "Fooled you, idiot! You'll have your love story, yet it isn't just how you wanted it to be. Choices will be made, and hearts will be broken."

So who's it going to be? My brooding best friend or my young substitute teacher?

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Sneha Priya 14.10.2020, 05:53:02

It's great....I love the theme and the characters...keep going author!!

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Leigh Frankie 16.10.2020, 08:25:52

Sneha Priya, Thanks heaps!

A Durgaprashanti 15.10.2020, 16:12:38

it's an interesting story. ....:-) and wanna knows what happens next. ....:-)

The last comment in the thread:

Leigh Frankie 16.10.2020, 08:25:31

A Durgaprashanti, Thank you so much for taking the time to read Wendy's story! :)

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