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My Worldwide Handsome Teacher

Miss Dia

Story about:love between a girl and teacher

Age restriction: 18+

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#853 in Romantic fantasy
#208 in Fanfiction

On Hold: 15 Oct 4 pages

Publication: 12.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "My Worldwide Handsome Teacher "

Dia is a simple girl. she used to live in Bangladesh. But now her parents sended her to America for higher studies. She leads a boring life . Her mom always search for teachers online . And the teachers are all so old and ugly. She used to irritate them so they don't come anymore. But a very handsome teacher came into her life. His name is Jin. He wasn't a teacher he was her secret admirer and had a crush on her. Now he's trying to win her. Their story is full of fun and cute chemistry.

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Ariana Rossi
15.10.2021, 20:43:41

I liked this book are you gonna update this book? pls, do tell as it is on hold so... if not then I will remove from my library
btw nice book

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