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Publication: 02.01.2019 — 02.01.2019

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Just before Christmas I discovered five tiny shiny gems in the right thigh pocket of my combats. How they got there is a big mystery and it gave me the inspiration for this story.

One morning May is sorting the laundry, she is checking the right thigh pocket of Guardian's combats and makes a remarkable discovery.

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Nina Ainsworth 03.01.2019, 22:59:03

waiting for more

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Babs 05.08.2019, 09:06:38

Nina Ainsworth, Sorry you will have to wait until I have written the tired novel. I am currently working on Part Two in the Master Guardian series ^_^

Celeste I. 04.08.2019, 01:01:26

What an interesting story, and an exciting premise too bad it's short, it could've developed into a greater mystery, characters, and lore, or something like that. But I guess you can't overstay the welcome either.

Question though, sorry if this is a[nother] nitpick, but what are the characters race supposed to be? I ask this because sometimes they speak Chinese, then Japanese, and then go back to English. I guess it makes sense if they can speak multiple languages. I mean, they're human after all, but I was just curious, not necessarily a complaint mind you.

(I don't know much about history, so I'm not sure if I'd complain about historical inaccuracies. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind that much either, as long as the story is entertaining)

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Celeste I. 04.08.2019, 23:55:21

Babs, Oh, I didn't know this was part of a series, I don't recall what order I should read it in, maybe I should've checked to see what order it was in before going out of... well, order.

That's interesting that they know multiple languages, I had no idea they could do that, and I didn't know this was based off an anime either! (I don't recall seeing a character named Celest in the story either, how about that though)

This is interesting to know about, thanks for the information (I could understand some of what the words meant, good thing I watched Nihao Kilan as a kid and anime now)~

Jeanette Adams 02.01.2019, 17:17:16

wow, it is so interesting

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Babs 02.01.2019, 18:02:34

Jeanette Adams, Thanks that makes me very happy to hear that ^_^

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