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Book. "Mysterious Mr. X" read online

Mysterious Mr. X

Marjory Bloom

Series: The Mafia series

Story about:develish handsome mysterious man, maffia detective

Age restriction: 18+

72 2238

#25 in Romantic mystery
#67 in Thrillers & Suspense

Complete 44 pages

Publication: 07.08.2022 — 12.09.2022

Description of book "Mysterious Mr. X"

Goodevening i am Mr X...

My real name is only known to me and to my family and closest friends...WHY you might ask well...

Let's say that my occupation makes me want to be invisible or safer that way

My clients are very different only one thing is the same with all of them.....the can afford to pay me...

To get rid of their "problems" thats why the also call me the 'Problem solver'

I work alone, prefer it that way also I'm not is not for me....if feel my need needs to be satishfied i know where to go to....

My live is going well sofar.....untill i had to solve a little "blond" problem with long legs, sparkling eyes and a body to kill for....what than??

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Payal Pradhan
04.10.2022, 23:24:30

awesome work author

Marjory Bloom
05.10.2022, 04:57:05

Payal Pradhan, well thank you dear! apreciate!! please do follow me for more!

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