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Mystery Behind The Shadow


Story about:drama, action, furry

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#22 in Anime Fanfiction
#101 in Action fantasy

On Hold: 02 Apr 18 pages

Publication: 30.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Mystery Behind The Shadow "

Chester a grey wolf was 17, a junior in high school. Though he'd been doing well in classes, his behavior in school has started becoming a problem. Whenever Ray Fox, Chester best friend since childhood, sophomore at 15 would be picked on or pushed around, Chester would step in and fight whoever does whatever to Ray. The moment Chester entered high school a few years back, he's started getting into many different forms of trouble, whether they were focused on Ray or not. After his father was killed, Chester set out to look for the killer and take revenge on him, but in time he discovered that someone was manipulating the General. Life is full of mysteries and secrets that need to be revealed.


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