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Book. "Mystery of the Blue Mountain" read online

Mystery of the Blue Mountain

Elena Orekhova

Story about:mysticism, india, adventures

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#212 in Action & Adventures
#1265 in Mystery

Complete 543 pages

Publication: 15.12.2018 — 10.06.2019

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Description of book "Mystery of the Blue Mountain"

Mostly based on a diary. Extraordinary events and personalities. Travel to India and its mystical places. Sergey Tsarev is a secret service agent. A drug cartel offers 5 million dollars for his head. The Russian division of the Interpol hides him in a group of pilgrims heading to India. There, Sergey learns about its ancient culture and meets some very unusual people. Thanks to the help from his new friends and his own superhuman abilities, he remains undetected by the pursuers for quite some time, but they catch up with him in the Himalayas...


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muthulakshmi G
12.06.2020, 07:51:59

wow like mountain

Мухаммед Юсупов
25.10.2019, 20:46:36


Puribasi Dasi
10.06.2019, 02:22:26

Thank you! Very interesting

Elena Orekhova
10.06.2019, 02:25:37

Puribasi Dasi, Thank you for your interest!

Puribasi Dasi
27.05.2019, 01:05:36

Comment has been deleted

Ashok Kumar
20.02.2019, 06:22:12

Hi Elena,

Really loved the way you have woven the stories from Russian upbringing with Hindu culture and spirituality. City tours and it's cultural importance are so detailed that not even indians might not know them all..

Looking forward to read out whole adventure Seregy goes through..

Elena Orekhova
24.02.2019, 01:58:07

Ashok Kumar, Thank you, Ashok! Yes, the main characters will be doing a lot of traveling. Stay tuned for more, and thank you for your encouragement and interest.

Samantha Ainsley
05.01.2019, 23:16:20

Amazing story

Elena Orekhova
06.01.2019, 04:35:47

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you so much!

Ann Swan
05.01.2019, 01:35:57

very well

Elena Orekhova
06.01.2019, 02:18:58

Ann Swan, Thank you for your comment!

Evgenia Guschina
05.01.2019, 02:07:48

Wonderful reading full of spiritual discoveries!

Elena Orekhova
06.01.2019, 02:18:37

Evgenia Guschina, Thank you very much! I am excited to share this story with the readers. Thank you for the encouragement.

Tasha Nickolson
03.01.2019, 23:25:52

so engaging

Elena Orekhova
04.01.2019, 01:41:47

Tasha Nickolson, Thanks Tasha! Your comments and "Likes" encourage me to keep going and sharing this amazing story with you all.

Lucy Roy
02.01.2019, 18:01:10

quite interesting

Elena Orekhova
02.01.2019, 19:49:45

Lucy Roy, Thank you! A lot more adventure and travel to come! We're just getting started.

Andrew Acton
01.01.2019, 21:16:53

very excited to know more

Elena Orekhova
02.01.2019, 19:48:55

Andrew Acton, Thank you for your interest! There is a lot more to come! Stay tuned.

True Match
31.12.2018, 13:30:02

why did you delete my comment?

Elena Orekhova
31.12.2018, 22:56:45

True Match, I didn't delete it I promise. I was wondering what happened to it.

29.12.2018, 20:20:06

can´t stop reading it

Elena Orekhova
29.12.2018, 23:25:49

Drew, I'm so happy to hear! Thank you. There is A LOT more to come!

Asha Kumar
28.12.2018, 17:58:29


Elena Orekhova
28.12.2018, 22:51:42

Asha Kumar, I appreciate your comment. Thank you so much.

Linsey Smith
26.12.2018, 13:01:46

very interesting

Elena Orekhova
26.12.2018, 21:44:41

Linsey Smith, Thanks Linsey!

True Match
19.12.2018, 15:00:29

Comment has been deleted

Samantha Ainsley
17.12.2018, 19:42:46

I love all these Russian spy stories, will read it with pleasure

Elena Orekhova
19.12.2018, 03:26:53

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you for your interest! So nice to hear.

Natalia Abram
16.12.2018, 15:14:22

seems to be very promising

Elena Orekhova
16.12.2018, 18:28:22

Natalia Abram, Thank you Natalia!

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