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Mystic The Gathering

Ryo Francis

Story about:conspiracy theories, classic monsters, supernaturals

Age restriction: 18+

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#629 in Mystery
#113 in Science fiction

Complete 46 pages

Publication: 23.01.2020 — 13.10.2020

Description of book "Mystic The Gathering"

A gathering of the ten most powerful men in the world. All elite members of a secret society that has total control of our world. And now they have gained the one thing they never have in their over-privileged lives, but unbeknownst to them — an ominous presence now lurks in their shadows.


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Plume Alter
06.11.2020, 03:00:02

Hey, Kabayan! I love how you weave your story plot, although more descriptions would be great. :) I'll look forward to it. And by the way, you sound smart, hehe.

Ryo Francis
06.11.2020, 12:21:55

Plume Alter, Thank you for your kind words and the LIKE. Yes, you are absolutely right. I need to add more descriptions to my writing. I will do that on my second or third drafts.

Shana Scarlet
08.08.2020, 05:28:39

Good start :) but I’d like if chapters were long with bit more descriptions, nevertheless great work :))

Ryo Francis
08.08.2020, 11:19:58

Shana G, i still need to work on my craft because i underwrite all the time and when i edit, i removed so much stuff including most of the description — just to speed up my story :(

anyway, thank u so much for reading — just bear with it for the meantime as i improve my writing :)

Junior Batley
18.04.2020, 13:27:04

Just read chapter 1 and already like it

Ryo Francis
18.04.2020, 10:33:17

Junior Batley, Thank u :)

Joel Divina
03.04.2020, 15:04:52

Start following your books..

Douglass Millsap
07.03.2020, 14:06:28

Please update

Ryo Francis
08.03.2020, 12:08:17

Douglass Millsap, Sorry i was too busy developing a new story for submission to some publishers here in the Philippines with their deadline by the end of the month — anyway, thanks for patiently waiting. Posted a new chapter today and hopefully with more regular updates :)

David Tallman
20.02.2020, 10:52:23

slowly, but steadily:)

Ryo Francis
20.02.2020, 13:23:00

David Tallman, Sorry about my super short chapters - i have trimmed out so many fillers just to improve the pacing.

And kindly give a LIKE, i would really appreciate it. Thanks so much :)

17.02.2020, 15:40:50

like it a lot!

Ryo Francis
17.02.2020, 15:57:08

Izzy, wow... thank u thank u thank u :)

this new story also needs lots of editing, so kindly bear with my amateur writing until i get better — hopefully very soon

Jeffrey Nighty
28.01.2020, 14:31:21

chapters are short and easy to read, but I wish they were published more often

Ryo Francis
07.02.2020, 15:11:03

Jeffrey Nighty, thank u so much :)

07.02.2020, 04:53:13


Ryo Francis
07.02.2020, 09:14:31

HypGothic, thank u so much for checking my work — interesting in a nice way... i hope

K.R Webber
24.01.2020, 10:02:52

Cool start. You seem very comfortable with writing novels like drama or script. Frankly, I like that idea. It has cut down unnecessary filler stuff.
Your story is fast paced. So far, I like the story.

Ryo Francis
25.01.2020, 00:35:50

K.R Webber, Thanks for the compliments :)

Yeah i just love fast-paced stories

Writing like a script is kind of my style so far — still learning how to write properly

Lawrence Frost
24.01.2020, 02:24:09


Ryo Francis
25.01.2020, 00:29:04

Lawrence Frost, Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 3 is out by the way

Douglass Millsap
23.01.2020, 13:11:18

well done!

Ryo Francis
23.01.2020, 11:14:23

Douglass Millsap, Thanks :)

Josie A.
23.01.2020, 11:04:09

Great start (who is Jack Robinson, btw?) :-D

Josie A.
23.01.2020, 11:05:12

Ryo Francis, I know the idiom, but you made me wonder who the guy was. Now I have to google it. :-)
And yes, it was funny!

Brad Emshwiller
23.01.2020, 03:31:09

Interesting start.

Ryo Francis
23.01.2020, 03:38:30

Brad Emshwiller, Thanks — hope u can stick 'til the end of the story :)

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