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Nafrat Aur Junooniyat


Story about:pakistani, mysterious, politics

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#32 in Dark fantasy
#17 in Romantic mystery

Ongoing: 18 Jun 9 pages

Publication: 11.05.2021 — ...

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Description of book "Nafrat Aur Junooniyat "

Ain Aziz , A simple girl who loves her sister more than her life . She wasn't that brave until one incident separates her from her sister and since that day Ain changed herself .

Aida Aziz , Aida was considered the eldest daughter of her family because she was born 1 minute before Ain . She was bold and a bubbly girl who loved hanging out and partying.

Haadi Shah, A cold , arrogant and a rich spoiled brat , His Father Mir Mussadar Shah was a politician and Haadi being the only child was pampered a lot by his parents. Haadi hates those who betrays him and he makes sure to make their life a living hell.
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Sumedha Awasthi
09.06.2021, 14:33:17

pls update

09.06.2021, 13:17:15

Sumedha Awasthi, I already updated Chapter-2 and at the end of chapter 2 i have mentioned that I won't be updating for few days/months

Nahid Sheikh
30.05.2021, 04:13:07

interesting start... looking forward for more thrilling chps :)

Nahid Sheikh
11.05.2021, 22:51:57

story seems interesting nd thrilling..all the best writer...well I think u should translate book title in English too :)

11.05.2021, 23:52:27

Nahid Sheikh, well I want the title and mostly the dialogues to be in hindi or urdu.

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