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Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear


Story about:spiritual, spirits, japanese folklore

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Publication: 17.03.2019 — 26.05.2019

Description of book "Narsus, Gabriel and the snow bear"

In the remote Northern Town of Wakkanai, Hokkaido the people begin to see in the snow strange paw prints too large to belong to the brown bear, leaving animal conservationists wondering what could it be?

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Celeste I. 03.08.2019, 04:45:20

Short, simple, but sweet. I like that they're all good individuals, and helped the cub get back. I don't know much about spiritual culture (I only know some basic stuff from anime and video games), but this was interesting to read.

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Celeste I. 04.08.2019, 00:49:24

Babs, You're welcome, if I have time, I'll check out your other stories as well~

Babs 26.05.2019, 02:03:17

I have finally posted the long awaited conclusion to this story. I hope you all enjoy it ^_^

Babs 06.04.2019, 15:46:35

I will be completing this story when I have launched Master Guardian Part One and finished rewriting the second novel in the series ^_^

Kessily Brunet 21.03.2019, 13:00:03

nice story

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Babs 22.03.2019, 20:01:24

Kessily Brunet, I’m pleased to hear this ^_^

A. Neeson 20.03.2019, 13:17:52


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Babs 22.03.2019, 20:01:02

A. Neeson, Thanks ^_^

Asha Kumar 19.03.2019, 13:47:36

I think you should continue

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Babs 22.03.2019, 20:00:42

Asha Kumar, I’m so pleased to hear it and I am looking forward to be carrying it on ^_^

Clayton Terrel 18.03.2019, 12:56:34


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Babs 18.03.2019, 14:11:22

Clayton Terrel, Ooh I am pleased to hear that, do you think in is worth continuing? ^_^

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