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Nether Night

Tam V

Story about:vampires, love and tragedy, trauma

Age restriction: 18+

15 26

#684 in Paranormal Romance
#1880 in Fantasy

On Hold: 15 May 36 pages

Publication: 02.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Nether Night"

Raelin was a trained Vampire assassin for her Coven. She hunted and killed the new vampire species, who preyed not only on humans, but other vampires too. They were brutal, untrained and feral. They wanted to kill for the fun of it, everything that crosses their paths was sure to meet an untimely painful death.
Raelin has to face herself and what she has yet to become, all while keeping the ones she loves safe. She endures love, loss and new powers without losing her humanity or at least trying to. Will she be the one to save the human and vampire species, or will she help to be the destruction of both as a long forgotten species resurfaces during a time of uncertainty?


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