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Never Dare A Billionaire

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Story about:college, love betrayal cheating revenge, biilionaires

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#117 in Billionaires
#11 in New Adult & College

Complete 157 pages

Publication: 28.09.2020 — 17.12.2020
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Never Dare A Billionaire"

What started as a harmless dare amongst friends, escalated very quickly into a messy affair that involved kidnapping, a tangled web of lies and unrequited love.

Rayne Stevens was a fairly innocent, sweet girl. She was in her first year of college but just when things were going great- tragedy struck and robbed her of both parents, leaving her and her young brother penniless and homeless.

Raised in a foster home by uncaring foster parents and a creepy foster brother, separated from her young sister, she works two jobs after school to try and save enough money to find her brother to try and get custody but her efforts have been futile.

After her foster brother tries to force himself on her and his parents obviously side with him she decides to make a clean break.


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Evelyn Venezuela
01.10.2020, 08:05:53

nice story .

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
01.10.2020, 06:56:10

Evelyn Venezuela, Thanks for taking the time to read it x

Thëê Qúéën
30.09.2020, 18:53:45

This book is so interesting. If possible could you please update it daily?

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
01.10.2020, 06:55:39

Thëê Qúéën, Thank you. Will do x

Tabitha Mutashi
30.09.2020, 18:52:34

thanks for the update am hooked to this story

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
01.10.2020, 06:55:25

Tabitha Mutashi, Thank you. More drama to follow x

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
30.09.2020, 17:11:21

Next chapter updated. Remember to like and comment x

A Durgaprashanti
29.09.2020, 17:13:38

wow.... waiting for the interesting part....:-)

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
30.09.2020, 14:10:48

A Durgaprashanti, Thanks for reading it x

Ayushi Gupta
30.09.2020, 13:55:28

nice story ❤️update more please

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
30.09.2020, 14:10:37

Ayushi Gupta, Thank you

29.09.2020, 13:32:33

Keep going, I love it❤❤❤❤❤

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)
29.09.2020, 13:50:14

Moanaro, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Update to follow soon x

29.09.2020, 13:32:22

Keep going, I love it❤❤❤❤❤

Tabitha Mutashi
28.09.2020, 19:05:07

wow nice story bring it on

Tabitha Mutashi
28.09.2020, 18:15:20

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries), am enjoying the story so much

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