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Never The Same


Story about:billionaire man, strong female, romance

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On Hold: 28 Jul 71 pages

Publication: 27.10.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Never The Same "

Victor Monroe's first meeting with Emonas was one he would never forget. Neither would his ego. When an opportunity for revenge presents itself, Victor can't let go of his grudge. A decision which would entangle his heart.
Emonas finds herself working for an arrogant billionaire who just can't let bygones be bygones. Seven days was all she needed. That was the plan. But things don't always go as planned, especially when your heart's involved.

When a billionaire crosses paths with a woman with a mind of her own,little is prepared for.


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Isabella Fennimore
29.01.2021, 21:33:08

Thanks a lot for so many updates author!! I hope Emonas does not forgive Victor, not easily atleast!

30.01.2021, 00:16:05

Isabella Fennimore, ?

Isabella Fennimore
22.01.2021, 15:53:05

She is gonna die?? Of what? Is is related to the one who has her with them? Also why does Victor even let Marilyn talk to him?! She is his ex and by that relation I don't think he shud let Marilyn come close to him and he even has a gf!

Tabitha Marsh
21.12.2020, 04:59:26

love the story please update soon

Joan Odai
18.12.2020, 04:49:14

loving this!

Isabella Fennimore
27.11.2020, 05:05:00

Dear author, can u update a little more often please

27.11.2020, 05:25:52

Isabella Fennimore, I will. I'm sorry for the long waiting

Isabella Fennimore
09.11.2020, 20:40:55

I like this book!! will be waiting for updates!!

13.11.2020, 10:03:37

Isabella Fennimore, Thanks so much. I'll do my best to update more regularly

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