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Description of book "Never yours"

Laurel Hyde; one of the most beautiful and most sexiest women in the world, Hollywood's A-lister, businesswoman and model who had everything she wanted in life.

Kurt Kenton; one of the most powerful men in the world who had the weight of wealth on his broad shoulders. Drop-dead gorgeous, handsome and hot but arrogant, controlling, cold, intimidating, rude, and hated it when someone pries into his privacy.

What happens when the deeds of the past comes to haunt them?
What happens when the little secret that Laurel has spent years hiding comes into light?
What happens when their hatred for each other hits another level?

Revenge or love?

What happens when he wants the only woman he loves to bend to his rules but she refuses?
Would he force her to love him again or would she, willingly?


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Amisha Kumari
04.08.2020, 11:43:42

pls release the next chapter soon❣❣

ang greanyz
04.08.2020, 11:36:40

can't wait for next story

Anastasia favvy
03.08.2020, 14:17:31

Looking for future updates on 'Never yours'?
try Wattpad. Link's down here.

Gracie Ella leonard
01.08.2020, 06:52:01

nice description Anna❤. please follow me back and add up my new book in your library, thanks❤❤

Anastasia favvy
01.08.2020, 10:51:57

Gracie Ella leonard, I will

Alulu Onuoha
31.07.2020, 09:05:59

I can't wait for another update,so interesting.

Anastasia favvy
31.07.2020, 22:17:30

Alulu Onuoha, tnk u so much❤️❤️

29.07.2020, 14:40:47

Hi dear I started writing my own story name mafia revenge ..plz show some love n read this book ..plz like comments n subscribe my channel..

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