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New York. Hidden Passions ( Passions Series Book 1)

Rodica Mijaiche

Story about:romantic suspense, collegeromance, billionare

30 1959

#677 in New Adult & College
#1130 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 06 May 11 pages

Publication: 04.05.2019 — ...

Description of book "New York. Hidden Passions ( Passions Series Book 1)"

At the age of thirteen, Alyssa Martinez’s world changes for the worst when she thinks she loses both her father and her brother in a kill and run. Still a teenager with a mother suffering from schizophrenia, she feels left alone with no one to turn to.

From Manhattan to Bronx. A life she never thought she would live.

Thirteen years later, Alyssa is a beautiful but very shy person, working for Alexander Chase, the founder of The Chase magazine. She finds herself in a world she feels she doesn’t belong with secrets of her past still haunting her.

Growing up in the southern part of the Bronx, Alexander Chase learned the hard way that if you want something, you have to make it happen.

Without realizing, working together brings them closer, but their past is what truly connects them.


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Argynt My
06.05.2019, 21:16:42

I'm happy to have already read it in Romanian. I'm excited to read the English version. ❤❤❤

Argynt My
15.05.2019, 20:46:10

Rodica Mijaiche,

Noa Clark
08.05.2019, 00:53:48

love it

Rodica Mijaiche
08.05.2019, 07:53:11

Noa Clark, I'm glad you like it.

Benn. C
08.05.2019, 00:28:51

nice book

Rodica Mijaiche
08.05.2019, 07:52:48

Benn. C, Thank you!

Maryn My
06.05.2019, 21:23:23


Rodica Mijaiche
06.05.2019, 21:32:18

Maryn My, ❤❤❤

Ann Rivera
06.05.2019, 19:38:59

hope they end up together

Rodica Mijaiche
06.05.2019, 21:31:37

Ann Rivera, I'm glad you like it. ❤

Miri Golden
06.05.2019, 02:09:00

great and talented

Rodica Mijaiche
06.05.2019, 07:41:37

Miri Golden, Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it.

Bertha Francis
04.05.2019, 16:16:47

very interesting, waiting for more

Rodica Mijaiche
04.05.2019, 18:42:33

Bertha Francis, Thank you! ❤

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