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No Worries

Gladys M Scott

Story about:romance, broken fixing broken, soul mates

Age restriction: 18+

59 525

#5452 in Romance
#910 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 644 pages

Publication: 14.11.2020 — 14.12.2020

Description of book "No Worries"

Kevin and Jasey are two broken people, drifting through their lives on a straight line towards a place where they can hide from their past. One fated night they crash into one another, and the explosion that ensues from their meeting shatters their shared facade of stability, raining down the shards of their past all around them. Instead of cutting one another with the sharp fragments of their pasts trying to separate themselves from the convoluted mess that is now their lives, Kevin and Jasey find themselves combining their broken bits. Merging into one to form a single soul out of a beautiful mosaic of crisscrossing and parallel lines from the wreckage left at their feet. Will this lovely piece of art be able to survive the same world that already broke them once before?


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