Book. "Not All Weddings Turn Into Fairytales" read online

Not All Weddings Turn Into Fairytales

Aliza Jabri

Series: Fated Love Series

Story about:romantic suspense, stalker, possesive billionaire

2224 114627

#30 in Contemporary Romance
#92 in Billionaires

Complete 183 pages

Publication: 15.10.2020 — 24.01.2021
Contests: My love, my billionaire

Description of book "Not All Weddings Turn Into Fairytales"

Waleed and Mia's happily ever after is interrupted by an obsessed billionaire stalker, who is hell-bent on having Mia at all cost.


You will need to read the book to find out.

A man who has no morals knows no boundaries and wants only one thing in life.

His Dolcezza.

Will Mia give into his obsession? Will Waleed let another man have his wife?

Of course not, but what will they do when everything that they had built together, will come crashing down around them?

Embark on this journey of love, obsession, a burning desire to have what one wants.  


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Merriment Lawrence
01.05.2021, 01:12:31

going hoody

Merriment Lawrence
01.05.2021, 01:11:57


Elyxion exel
13.04.2021, 18:33:25

this story again shows us that whatever hurdles are there if their is strong bond between husband and wife then nothing can break them apart.

Andleeb Hassan
13.04.2021, 18:23:41

The story shows that couples like waleed and mia never aparts. if there are hurdles in our path we should have trust in our relationship.

13.04.2021, 11:19:58

The couple is like they both are 'one soul'. Even I didn't read the complete story but still I can say that.

Eshal Khan
12.04.2021, 18:16:27

the book is amazing though I couldn't read it further but the initial chapters are amazing

Chanderika Sharma
12.04.2021, 17:31:53

Comment has been deleted

12.04.2021, 17:03:10

I haven't read this book but would love to see what happens to mia and wali's relationship

Autumn Dew
12.04.2021, 16:31:19

I haven't fully read this yet. But I'm 1000%confindent on my power couple. They would fight whatever comes in middle to stay happily ever after. Mia and Waleed is example of the vow " only death do them apart " but am sure even that can't mess with the love of my Power couple!!!!!

Joe Fletcher
12.04.2021, 16:11:24

I still read this story. I have read this almost 10 times. I really like the twist in the end. I hope they always live happily and understand each other.

Bushra Rahat
12.04.2021, 13:09:11

I enjoyed every bit of it and I am truly happy that I read it. It is very interesting and I can honestly say it worth my time.

Dolly Desai
12.04.2021, 13:08:57

Here comes and Obessesor to ruin their life... Like i hate this guy literally nd i think He will soon regret it when waleed will come to get his mia...

12.04.2021, 12:12:16

this story is so good that I can't stop Readinng it I love the twist she came up with this part definitely on another level

Sreya Banerjee
12.04.2021, 11:45:29

Comment has been deleted

Janhavi Thul
12.04.2021, 11:19:05

I'll complete it one day after reloading my wallet

Yashasvi Patel
12.04.2021, 11:15:47

how every have not happy ending how the struggle of there love journey

bts armyy taetae
12.04.2021, 10:07:04

I just hope mia and waleed have a happy endingg

Mahamotha Khatun
12.04.2021, 09:22:18

didn't have a chance to read it but want to know if My fav Mia & Wali had a happy ending or Leo got chance with Mia in future , hope to read in future

05.04.2021, 17:33:12


Ladusab Nadaf
25.02.2021, 07:53:48


Andleeb Hassan
15.02.2021, 20:43:38

Hey..I won the giveaway

Andleeb Hassan
15.02.2021, 18:44:32

Andleeb Hassan, Now i can read the journey of my favourite couple..mia and waleef

Galina Cherie
15.02.2021, 17:31:32

I'm truly speechless. Thankyou for giving me a chance to read this outstanding story of Wali and Mia. This story depicts the life of couples (except the fact people like Leo is present ) I guess.And Ma'am you don't how broken I was when I read the part of Wali cheating on Mia ,God I thought of killing him and trust me I killed him more than you think over and over for hurting Mia in my mind. And I truly feel something (which I can't say what is it ) for Leonardo ,my heart constrict each second thinking about Leo.And I didn't read HRD2 so reading about Alia was a shock(:-O) I love Mia and Wali but I think I love Leo more .
Your writing skills is superb.and u do know how to evoke emotions from readers and I cried when I read El and his daughter.(T-T)
Thankyou All the Best Ma'am.

Mantasha Sabir
15.02.2021, 16:47:48

This book is thr roller coster of emotions... Feeling happy as Mia and Waleed are my fav characters from any other book

Khadijat Yusuf
09.02.2021, 18:17:07

Wow interesting you are a great writer.... Author Aliza Jabri ❤️❤️

05.02.2021, 19:11:25

awesome story.

Nuriya Abuu
05.02.2021, 17:10:26

@aliza jabir heyy i love your books bt unfortunately cant read bcoz of payment cld u pls mk it free for the valentine weekend ??? pleeeeaaassseeee

02.02.2021, 14:30:23

plss make this boook freee pls ☹️☹️☹️

01.02.2021, 09:35:05

This i not fair..I stuck in the middle. even m tryingto do the payment..but it is showing error

30.01.2021, 08:11:36

yr please make this book free or please someone help me I m stuck between

Suhail rizvi
28.01.2021, 21:44:53

i am in LOVE with the cover page

japnamika Singh
25.01.2021, 05:54:20

Aliza ma'am the trailer for the princess one is for alia and Leo
or emma and dawood??

Shruti Singh
25.01.2021, 14:38:05

japnamika Singh, yeah
I am so happy becoz I want alia to be happy becoz she deserves it
and and taimur and eva

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
24.01.2021, 11:32:01

A beautiful journey from 'The Accidental Wedding' has finally ended. Mia and Waleed have always been my favourite couple and it was delight to see them together just as they were. But what came as a shock was Leo and Alia together. I so badly wanted a story on Leo and Alia as well but never in my dreams have i imagined them together... I love both of these characters alot and i am happy that finally i might have a third book in this series as story of Leo, with a treat of Alia in it... Thankyou for the lovely story. Will miss Mia and Waleed... Also, eagerly waiting for Alia and Leo to be back...

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
25.01.2021, 11:10:28

jeevani donthala, Hope so...

24.01.2021, 02:03:05

Congratulations dear..
For adding one more feather in the crown..!
Its a lovely story and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
You are really an amazing writer and I love your writing.
I wanted to read more about Waleed and Mia. I just love them.
I am also happy for Leo. May he find his share of happiness.
Stay well and keep writing.
Wish you all the success and content.

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 08:57:39

sabby, I cant promise anything right now dear. Let's see how everything works out in future. I want to concentrate on one book at a time.

dsk 1605 (Kirti)
24.01.2021, 08:31:37

I really got hurt abt alia I was in shock after reading.Leo heartbreak is somewhat k from alia. Hope dey make happie family together.Eagerly waiting for next

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 05:33:01

dsk 1605 (Kirti), They both suffered in their own ways. Let' wait and see is they find peace finally or their past ruin it for them.

Sukhpreet Alagh
24.01.2021, 04:21:51

awesome story. will wait for more

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 05:32:02

Sukhpreet Alagh, Thank u so much for reading.

24.01.2021, 02:14:41

Loved it :) :) :)

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 05:31:39

Lady WORDSWORTH, Thank you, I knew u were shipping Leo and Mia but I had another thing in store.

24.01.2021, 00:36:43

Alia is back!!!!!!

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 05:30:42

Anjaani, Yup, she is. I couldnt keep her locked away for long.

Sara Ahsan
19.01.2021, 15:15:01

i have purchased this book also.the story is amazing. i like wali and mia a lot..but i love venom and his queen more

Aliza Jabri guru
25.01.2021, 05:29:53

Sara Ahsan, Thank you

23.01.2021, 19:11:25

Is this the calmness which prevails before a massive blow hits the perfect picture or can we expect peace now?

japnamika Singh
24.01.2021, 12:50:16

Aliza Jabri, Hey ma'am can't find the link to buy it now I have reloaded my wallet and the link is not there.?

Khadijat Yusuf
24.01.2021, 14:17:51

Wow interesting welldone author.... Author Aliza Jabri❤️❤️. I want to pay for the book but can't find the link.

selina ndjamba
24.01.2021, 13:52:40

wow I love the end.and i can't wait for you to write about Leo and alia.

japnamika Singh
24.01.2021, 08:03:46

Hey why is only teaser available for not all fairytale turn into wedding like we can't even buy it now u are posting this story somewhere like u can't even buy now

23.01.2021, 22:17:25

Awww, so cute.

Duena Cabral
23.01.2021, 19:05:51

I see your a goan

22.01.2021, 08:56:24

i really want to buy this book ,bt i don't have any mode of transferring money that this app is asking for .I mean i hv debit card n paytm as ,in indian rupees.How can i buy this book pl help

Aliza Jabri guru
22.01.2021, 07:21:06

Abhilasha ShuklaDubey, If your debit card is a visa card then it will be converted too.

Marites Salimbangon
18.01.2021, 13:49:33

waleed should not be easily forgiven by mia - just sayin', they need to be away from each other for awhile, I guess

sharadzeea Anne
20.01.2021, 04:06:40

Marites Salimbangon, Agreed with u..

Shruti Gupta Agarwal
18.01.2021, 09:25:16

I din't expect Waleed to do something like this. I knew he was planning something against Leo by portraying himself as a cheater but i din't expect him to use Mia as a bait. I am highly disappointed with him. His intentions might be correct but not trusting with Mia in his plan was the worst move. He had tortured Mia by his behaviour for so long. He should have atleast confied in her. Mia should give him a hard time. He should not be easily forgiven... But amidst all this, i will miss Leo. He was a gem. I loved the way his chapter ended in the story. It was a very positive way of giving him a farewell...
I hope we get the 3rd book in the series with Leo's story. He deserves a 'happily ever after'...

selina ndjamba
17.01.2021, 00:10:05

I feel bad for leonardo .he's a good man

14.01.2021, 08:12:57

It's simply awesome..!
I knew Waleed is never a cheater..but I feel bad for mia..he should have taken her in confidence..
I hope she will understand his stance and eventually forgive him..
And also I hope leo to see and feel their love and the strongest bond they share, and leave them..
Keep writing do it beautifully..!
Stay safe and blessed..!

08.01.2021, 22:44:02

Can't subscribe but I see Mia got kidnapped, Waleed was cheating and doesn't trust Mia, Mia is trusting someone name Leonardo

Kritika Bhardwaj
12.01.2021, 16:11:09

Jane, Same man!!

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