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Nothing In This World

Tam V

Story about:forbidden romance, friends to enemies to lovers, second chance at first love

Age restriction: 18+

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#652 in Contemporary Romance
#301 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 15 May 24 pages

Publication: 12.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "Nothing In This World"

From besties to datting to... Nothing. She left him so that he could pursue his dreams. But after many years, plans change.

This wasn't part of my life plan, being a single mother trying to keep my head above water. Broken-hearted, kicked out of the house and dropping out from an Ivy League University was all part of the new plan. He popped back into my life, and now he wants to change my plans again.

I was young, dumb and messed up. Losing her was like losing a part of myself. I ended up in the career I wanted, but the cost of it was forever. Until she stumbled back into my life. Everything about her was forbidden to a guy like me, but this time I don't care about rules. She was the only one that I wanted, and now I will get what I want and I want her here with me.


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Sonop Blom
18.05.2021, 14:05:28

I am hooked!

Tam V
18.05.2021, 14:13:17

Sonop Blom, Thank you. I hope you'll enjoy the rest.

16.05.2021, 17:55:42

looooving it

Tam V
18.05.2021, 14:12:47

Marana, Really? Thank you.

Nadine Eryomina
13.05.2021, 19:06:13

You are writing very interesting. I'm worried about the main characters.

Nadine Eryomina
16.05.2021, 13:37:43

Comment has been deleted

Vaishali Tyagi
14.05.2021, 10:03:16

amazing and addictive story....simply great

Tam V
14.05.2021, 10:37:40

Vaishali Tyagi, Thank you so much!

Uchechi Joana Chijike
14.05.2021, 03:45:41

Amazing, love to read this to the end.

Tam V
14.05.2021, 09:20:39

Uchechi Joana Chijike, Aw! I'm so glad, thank you so much.

Preeti Shyamal
13.05.2021, 06:53:06

nice one

Tam V
13.05.2021, 09:17:47

Preeti Shyamal, Thanks.

13.05.2021, 01:33:30

Great start up

Tam V
13.05.2021, 01:44:26

Splendid, Thank you. Hope you'll like the rest.

12.05.2021, 22:58:51

The beginning of the book is actually very interesting! It really hooked me

Tam V
12.05.2021, 23:24:06

Darkness-Queeen, Thank you, Let me know what you think a you go.

12.05.2021, 16:39:33

Whoa :0 this sounds so good :D I will absolutely give it a go :D :D good luck on your contest love

Tam V
12.05.2021, 23:23:51

Gammateddy, Thank you so much.

Mari AA
12.05.2021, 16:33:04

You know it is going to be a good read when there is a Queen B. :)

Tam V
12.05.2021, 23:23:33

Anonymous Author, Oh, I hope so!

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