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Book. "Official Affair " read online

Official Affair


Story about:rich ceo and hardheaded pa

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#6319 in Romance

On Hold: 20 Dec 20 pages

Publication: 29.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "Official Affair "

The tell tale of Harry Sebastian a man of fierce pride and profound knowledge CEO of Harry's fashion collection. He crosses path with Chelsea Adams a freelance writer and artist who is forced to search for a job outside her field to make ends meet. She becomes his PA. Her dedication and commitment to her job didn't go unnoticed by her boss and as days turn into weeks and then months, he falls in love with her. But Chelsea doesn't believe in falling in love and has never let down her guard when it comes to matters of the heart. Harry is left with no other option than to break through her defenses and find out her reasons for this. Find out in this romance packed novel and get ready to be thrilled on what's really going on in Chelsea's mind.


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