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On The Ledge


Story about:boy next door, coming of age, lgbt

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Publication: 30.01.2019 — 09.02.2019
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Description of book "On The Ledge"

15 year-old Sam Robinson has it all. A cool girlfriend, nice family, expensive house with a pool, popularity at school. All of those things matter to him until the day he meets Bradley who turns his entire life upside down. Sam comes face to face with his greatest fears. The fear of not being accepted by his peers and own family. But the one fear he can't wrap his head around is the fear of his own identity which ultimately makes him redoubt his own perspective on certain things. Sam should be happy given that he lives a luxurious life but he's not. So, when he's standing on the ledge of a building there is only one thing on his mind but will he do it?

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Aadya shetty 03.12.2020, 17:26:16

That's pretty cute! Everyone has their right, whoever they are ? loved the story❣️

Dorothy Obeng 10.05.2019, 08:36:04

nice story u should write another story like this

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A.I.M 22.05.2019, 01:09:02

Thank you!!

Alexis Danford 03.02.2019, 14:01:23

I´ve enjoyed it

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A.I.M 12.02.2019, 15:17:05


Ashley Lewel 02.02.2019, 13:41:08

very nice!

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A.I.M 12.02.2019, 15:16:45


Linsey Smith 11.02.2019, 14:23:04

anxious to know more

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A.I.M 12.02.2019, 15:16:10

I hope you're liking the story. :D

Mike Two 09.02.2019, 15:40:53

love your story

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A.I.M 10.02.2019, 12:24:24

Mike Two, Thank you so much!!

Cathy Evans 04.02.2019, 15:08:13

very cute story, very nice!

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Cathy Evans 08.02.2019, 20:26:28

A.I.M, thank you for the new update!

Sharon Brooke 01.02.2019, 14:24:45

great job!

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A.I.M 01.02.2019, 20:48:01

Sharon Brooke, Thank you!

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