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Description of book "Once upon a girl"

Once upon a girl met a boy. They get married and fall in love. And then the boy murders the girl. And, the story ends."
'Is this a tragedy story? ' Tina asked.
'No. A revenge story. Because somebody comes back to avenge the death of the girl."
----'What is this story about? ' The small child asked.
'Why are you so dumb? Can't you understand? This is a story of revenge.' Another boy who was sitting next to the small girl said. Eshaal nodded and said,' You are wrong.'
'That means, this is a story of forgiveness.' Another girl said.
'Uh-huh.. ' Eshaal smiles, 'Too bad. Still incorrect. ''Oh ho , sister, why are you creating so suspense? Just tell us already.' A boy who looked older than the other kids said impatiently. Eshaal's smile became widened and she said,' This is a story of patience.'

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Lakhan Sav
09.05.2022, 10:54:02

wow.. this seems interesting.. btw author when would you start writing mafia enthralling book 2 again?

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