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One Sentence

Goodness Shadrach

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Ongoing: 28 Jul 18 pages

Publication: 22.07.2020 — ...

Description of book "One Sentence"

Aria woke up one day to realize that a serial killer is in town. Oh no, not just a serial killer, but the killer seemed to target only her family members and friends. Not knowing what could be happening, she found herself fighting to stay alive.
But what is her mistake? Why chase after her?
She came to understand that a simple sentence she made casually brought her, her dooms day.
How can she be a survival when the killer has come to kill and destroy?

Are you a thriller fan? Join me in this short story. I hope you enjoy it.

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Irene 08.08.2020, 16:59:29

Nice story. Update plz

sanila rajesh 07.08.2020, 09:43:32

update plz...

elizabeth 30.07.2020, 02:39:57

looking forward for more Goodness. Beautiful write up as always. you're amazing

Swe et Biya 29.07.2020, 01:50:46

ummm it seems interesting ❤

farhanatu abubakar 22.07.2020, 23:52:04

Goodness Shadrach you are really amazing and talented honest with you I'm not into thriller story but when I see that you are the writer I decided to give you.

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Alda Alda 26.07.2020, 00:47:35

farhanatu abubakar, I totally agree with you about Goodnes Shadrach ^_^

Vandana Karatagi 23.07.2020, 08:42:02

Looks like you got a treasure of amazing know the trick to never disappoint your readers..suuper curious to find out more..

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 23.07.2020, 16:56:45

thank you dear :)

Izzy 23.07.2020, 03:54:41

Very interesting so far, looking forward to more updates!

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 23.07.2020, 16:56:25

thank you :)

farhanatu abubakar 22.07.2020, 23:44:00

good job.i'm really looking forward to read the next chapter

Payal Bhardwaj 22.07.2020, 19:29:59

well... it's beginning is fantabulous and..and it seems interesting...want its update as soon as possible!

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 22.07.2020, 20:29:59

thank you dear :)

Averyn Dev 22.07.2020, 18:53:40

Hi Goodness Shadrach, glad you have released a new book. Seems a little interesting. Usually I am not into thrillers but since you are the author I decided to give it a shot. Keep the updates coming

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 22.07.2020, 19:11:59

thank you for your support dear. this story has been bugging me to write since January so I decided to just get it going. I hope you won't be disappointed at the end. and don't worry, Imperfection will be ongoing by next week :)

prickly 22.07.2020, 18:40:28

Hi Goodness. Its Princewill POP again. I joined booknet recently and this s the first time I've seen you starting a new book. Cus all your other books were already finished n u were updating some like tomboy which is finished. By the way, its a very nice book. Anyways, I just wanna tell you that am sooooooo happy to be around when you started a new book. And by the look of things, its gonna be awesome. Just know that you have my full support in any book you publish. Thank you (Princewill POP AKA Prickly):

The last comment in the thread:

Goodness Shadrach 22.07.2020, 19:08:17

wow, thank you so much dear. it feels good to know that I have your support. I hope you enjoy the story though :)

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