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One side love

Sai sherlin

Story about:one side love of a girl

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Ongoing: 22 Jan 55 pages

Publication: 16.12.2020 — ...
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The person whom I loved for 10 years. But it is an one side love and a secret crush. I still can't tell him. Because I'm his secretary and his personal assistant, so he can think that I love him because of his wealth. He became a billionaire. I don't know what to do. Should I tell him or not.

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prabha 20.01.2021, 11:16:29

Sai sherlin you are so good in writing emotional and relationships. I love to read your book. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Sai sherlin 20.01.2021, 12:07:32

prabha, Thank you so much.

Sai sherlin 19.01.2021, 07:57:18

sorry readers due to some net problem I can't upload. I will try to make it faster. sorry sorry.

Lydia Lydia 14.01.2021, 13:40:24

sai sherlin why aren't you uploading chapters. please upload I'm waiting eagerly to read it.

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Sai sherlin 15.01.2021, 08:18:40

Lydia Lydia, Sorry I am in my holidays so I was unable to update. From Monday it will be regular.

Kiran Babu 01.01.2021, 16:25:37

I really love to read this book. It is good in emotions and all sweet moments between the two characters.

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Sai sherlin 07.01.2021, 06:54:42

Kiran Babu, Thank you

Lydia Lydia 06.01.2021, 16:55:13

This book is good to read

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Sai sherlin 07.01.2021, 06:54:17

Lydia Lydia, Thanks

Syeda Noorah 23.12.2020, 19:18:47

I really really Loved the book❤❤❤...Simple and sweet love story with complete emotions???...waiting for further updates...

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Syeda Noorah 25.12.2020, 09:42:30

Sai sherlin, Ur most welcome ❤❤

Sai sherlin 20.12.2020, 08:19:01

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Sai sherlin 17.12.2020, 09:19:24

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19.12.2020, 13:31:03

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