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Book. "One Simple Order" read online
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#10 in Cyberpunk
#220 in Short stories

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Publication: 18.03.2022 — 18.03.2022

Description of book "One Simple Order"

It had to be one, simple order. One-time, elementary job ...
Corporate mercenary Arthur Steel had no idea what the usual order to return stolen information would turn out to be. But at first, it really looked like a simple, unpretentious task.


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Queen Diva
30.06.2022, 02:33:27

This is great even with the translation
Have you tried running viral promotions for your books

Павло Тульський
30.06.2022, 09:12:28

Queen Diva, Hello!
I am very glad that you liked the story!
No, I didn't)

Please excuse me, I have already mentioned somewhere that English is not my native language, and there may be some inaccuracies in communication. By the way, if you liked the main character of the story, then soon I plan to finish a new story with his appearance.

19.03.2022, 10:03:51

Translation is of good quality so is the plot. Keep it up..!

Павло Тульський
19.03.2022, 10:08:03

Jojo, Thank you friend!
If you liked this story, you might be interested in taking a look at another book: "Dive"

Павло Тульський
18.03.2022, 13:24:39

Hey! Thanks for taking an interest in this story. I apologize if the translation of this story in places is not of high quality. Initially, this thing was not written in English. I will be glad to your comments or remarks

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