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Book. "Only for a Night" read online

Only for a Night

Novels By Taylin

Series: One Night

Story about:sexual romantic relationship, dark romance and suspence, age gap erotica

Age restriction: 18+

209 5224

#713 in Romantic erotica
#1705 in Billionaires

On Hold: 06 Oct 115 pages

Publication: 16.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "Only for a Night"

"It's not supposed to be this way! It was only supposed to be a one night stand!”

“Well I wasn't supposed to fall in Love with you, but I did!" He shouted back.

His confession was the only think I could think about. How could I love him when I was incapable of loving myself? My heart ached wanting to run into his arms.

On a boring Sunday, 26 Year old Cassandra Diaz decides to go to a party, where she meets 32 year old Rowan Warren.

They agreed to a one-night stand with each other, but one thing leads to another.

Cassandra and Rowan continue to meet up, but eventually their continuous meetings lead to them developing feelings for one another.

Little did they know, that their one night fling would lead to more than they bargained for....

Book 1- One night series


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Her faith
25.10.2021, 21:21:51

please update

06.08.2021, 22:38:20

Someone’s gonna be in big trouble now that Rowan caught her with him….desperate for new chapter!

Novels By Taylin
06.08.2021, 23:03:00

Te’arra, Maybe….we’ll see soon:)

Ayana Mariee
06.08.2021, 22:50:37

Can’t believe her

Reyna Rayaska
09.07.2021, 07:56:09

Awwww ❤️❤️ Cassie and Rowan both are starting to feel something for each other ✨ I just hope they stop denying it and get together ❤️

Faith Agbonlahor Oluwadayo
07.07.2021, 03:41:35

Great job! I love the story. Looking forward to the next update

Novels By Taylin
07.07.2021, 05:27:04

Faith Agbonlahor Oluwadayo, Thanks so much for the support, dear. I am so glad you are enjoying it. I will update in a few days:) ❤️

Sana Naqvi
28.06.2021, 07:52:20

waiting for another update

Novels By Taylin
06.07.2021, 07:08:23

Sana Naqvi, A new update has been added:)

Journey Cross
06.06.2021, 22:11:43

good story....

Emanie J
05.06.2021, 20:37:00

I wonder whats gonna happen next after cassandra finds out about how he knew her name....please give another update soon

Novels By Taylin
05.06.2021, 20:57:47

Emanie J, I will update again soon. Thanks for the award, dear. I appreciate you lots:) ❤❤

09.05.2021, 01:12:55

Wow, Cassandra is very mean for doing that to the poor boy

Novels By Taylin
09.05.2021, 01:52:13

Aleeiaonagra, I agree with you. Cassandra can be very mean to others, but maybe it's her pain thats inflicting so much hate towards others. Maybe overtime she will become a little nicer, we'll just have to wait and see.....

Ayana Mariee
11.05.2021, 21:29:38

Can't wait for Cassie and Rowan to meet

Novels By Taylin
11.05.2021, 21:34:36

Ayana Mariee, They will meet, soon.....

11.05.2021, 21:15:43


Sarah Mouton
11.05.2021, 05:47:49

I love the friendship she has with Mina. I can't help but laugh at the sandwich part lol

Novels By Taylin
11.05.2021, 05:57:32

Sarah Mouton, Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts with me:) I totally agree with you on that, Cassandra and Mina are too funny! ❤️

Theresa Rasaya
09.05.2021, 01:05:37

So far, the book is really interesting, can't wait to read more.

Novels By Taylin
09.05.2021, 01:50:34

Theresa Rasaya, Hey, thanks! I am really happy to know you are enjoying the book so far. I will update again tomorrow or in a few days:) ❤️

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