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Only You


Story about:love and pain, thriling romance, obsesion and abuse

Age restriction: 18+

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#866 in Romantic suspense
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On Hold: 22 Dec 79 pages

Publication: 28.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "Only You"

"So, that's what you have for me," He says almost whispered "Anger, you're angry at me because I wasn't with you when you needed me the most" He stated.

"No, I was angry but now I don't give a fuck to you cause you're no longer worth it" I laughed with teary eyes " How strange, once upon a time I was wishing to see you once I was wishing to touch you once again and now when you're here standing right in front of me I don't feel like that anymore. You stay here or not nothing will bother me and you know why because I don't want you anymore" I step ahead and when I was standing right in front of him I whispered, "Because I don't love you anymore".

WARNING: Story contains profanity, sexual tension, and abuse. May also contain topics sensitive to nature. Read at your own discretion.


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05.12.2020, 06:26:41

Please author complete your book. I like it very much. I am waiting from a long time. Please update fast.

21.12.2020, 10:13:30

Sufferings, Hey! I'm sorry for making you wait bt this platform wasn't satisfying me that is wy I stopped updating here. Well, many things have been changed in this book so far. And for u I will continue to update here too bt it will be much better if you continue this book on Inkitt or Wattpad because it's running quick there. Thanks you :)

Marymitchael Ugwoke
02.10.2020, 19:27:15

When will it be completed

21.12.2020, 10:18:37

Marymitchael Ugwoke, Soon, :)

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