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Only you

Anfitrite Reynolds

Story about:romance, wedding, ugly

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Ongoing: 25 May 23 pages

Publication: 15.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Only you "

Sofía Campbell Beckett: She is a shy and lonely girl who is about to marry her fiancé. She knew very well that he was never going to fall in love with her, because she is ugly and she couldn't do anything to prevent that marriage that will be based on love and she will have to learn to live with it.

Ewan Bramson Roberts: he is a cold man who is engaged to a person he does not love and only to please his parents, but the time had come to get married. He was sure that he would never fall in love with her, nothing but something changes when they do.

Two totally different souls who will learn to feel the love that will arise between them and thus they will not be able to escape their feelings.


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Amrita Koul
25.04.2022, 08:26:25

I love their conversation. both r hell bent to prove themselves. Hehehe

Anfitrite Reynolds
25.04.2022, 08:36:11

Amrita Koul, Thank you very much

23.04.2022, 07:58:59

wow such a understanding cute couple

Anfitrite Reynolds
23.04.2022, 08:31:50

pinky mettu, Thank you very much

Amrita Koul
19.04.2022, 03:27:47


Anfitrite Reynolds
19.04.2022, 03:41:02

Amrita Koul, Thank you very much

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