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Ongoing: 15 May 138 pages

Publication: 17.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Ooops, I Dated a Werewolf "

Every Hallowe'en the sleepy town of Armitage comes alive, and it is all thanks to an epic haunted house, that has won awards for how they scare the living daylights out of everyone.

But, what the humans of the area don't know, is that the friendly folk putting on the show are in fact, werewolves.

The Blue Valley Pack, came close to being discovered late one October evening. Their cover? They were practicing for a haunted house. Ever since, they found people ask less questions if they know a little, and they find that little out, under the pack's control. So, every hallowe'en since, they open the doors to their pack house and orchestrated a show.

It all went fantastically for six years, until, the beta's mate walked in.... She's human.


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Vanessa Reyes
15.05.2022, 23:22:59

ahhh its ending soo soon :-( I really love this story and it has been soo hilarious!!! wanted to hear more about Sammy's brothers and grams too maybe a spin off?

Vanessa Reyes
08.05.2022, 20:42:05

this last chapter was amazing!!! soo emotional! I really didn't expect this twist...story just gets better and better!

Bethany River
09.05.2022, 10:59:40

Vanessa Reyes, thank you so much. :-)

Vanessa Reyes
29.04.2022, 03:57:45

love love love this story!!!! I enjoyed your story about colt and this book is just as good! I laughed soo hard while reading the scenes about deworming her mate lol

Bethany River
29.04.2022, 04:04:07

Vanessa Reyes, thank you so so much, and I am planning on fixing all the typos too. Damn fat thumbs, I just really need to get the story out first, it's like a faucet I can't quite turn off.

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